Covid-19 Protocols

For the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic, Matchfit training sessions follow protocols designed to ensure that all government rules and ECB guidance is strictly followed. Click on the following links for the current ECB guidance for cricket activity from 29th March 2021:


England Guidance


Playing Plan Summary


FAQs for England and Wales


Based on the above guidance, for the upcoming Easter holiday camps we will be following the following protocols:

1.   No-one may attend if they or anyone in their household has had symptoms of Covid-19 within the previous 7 days.

2.   For the morning sessions, registration will be open from 8.30am onwards on each day of the camps.  To ensure social distancing, arrival and pick-up times are staggered and parents are asked to try to keep to their allocated slots where possible:

3.   For the afternoon sessions, registration will be open from 1.40pm onwards.

4.   The registration desk will be located by the pavilion.  Upon arrival, please remain in or by your car until called forward to the registration desk, ensuring that social distancing is maintained.  On arrival, all participants must register and sanitise their hands. 

5.   When arriving and leaving by car, please follow signs and any instructions given.  During pick up and drop off for the morning sessions, a one-way system will be in operation.

6.   Parents are not required to remain at the club during the morning sessions, but may do so if they wish.  In the afternoon sessions, we ask that one parent or other responsible adult remains at the cIub for the session.  Those remaining at the club must maintain social distancing. Those not remaining may be required to return to the sessions at short notice, for example in the event of an injury to their child, or in the event that their child develops Covid-19 symptoms. 

7.   In the event of an injury, the coaches may administer basic first aid if necessary pending the return of a parent.

8.   In the event that a participant develops Covid-19 symptoms, they will be asked to remain in the home changing room, which is the designated Covid-19 isolation area, pending the return of a parent.

9.   Coaching will be carried out in accordance with ECB guidance with an overall coach/assistant to player ratio of no more than 1:8.  Coaching will generally be in groups of no more than 15 although some activities may be in groups of up to 30.

10.   Participants will be asked to maintain social distancing of 2m at all times and must always follow instructions of coaches and supervisors about this.  Parents are asked to ensure that their children understand this in advance of the sessions.

11.   All participants will be asked to sanitise their hands as necessary at intervals throughout the sessions and at the end of the sessions.  Equipment (including balls) will also be sanitised regularly.

12.   Participants should not spit or clear their nose except into a tissue or handkerchief that they must retain and take away.

13.   Participants should not share kit and should bring their own kit where they have it.  Sanitised kit will be provided as necessary and must not be shared unless it has been sanitised before being used by a different participant.

14.   Participants should bring their own named water bottle and their own snack (if they would like one). 

15.   In the event of rain during a session requiring participants temporarily to take cover, participants should shelter in the marquee, maintaining social distancing.  If persistent rain is forecast, the session will be cancelled and money paid refunded.

16.   At the end of the sessions, parents should wait either in the car-park or in front of the pavilion until called forward to collect their child, maintaining social distancing at all times.

17.   In the event that any participant tests positive for Covid-19 within 7 days of attending one of the camps, you must inform us so that we can inform other participants in accordance with government track and trace guidance.

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