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Matchfit Minis is a carefully designed program for children aged 3-6, teaching the basic hand-eye coordination and ball skills required for cricket,  football and rugby in a fun and friendly environment.  It's the perfect way to give your kids a head start for when they begin school or club sport, whilst also developing their social skills and making lots of new friends.


During the summer term we concentrate on cricket, while in the winter terms it's mainly football and rugby.  All the sessions involve carefully chosen equipment such as large foam balls and mini bats especially designed for young children.  Key features include:


  • Different levels designed for 3-4 year olds (MATCHFIT MONKEYS) and 5-6 year olds (MATCHFIT FOXES), although we are happy to be flexible to ensure your child is in the group that suits them best


  • Small class sizes (no more than 10 in any class) so all the children get the attention they need


  • Highly affordable rates, at just £7.50 per 45 minute class


  • Parent participation in many of the games and activities, and tips on how you can carry on the good work at home




Though we introduce young children to the basic skills required for all the main team sports, at Matchfit Minis we are cricket specialists.  When not running their own classes, our professional coaches work for Surrey Cricket, Blackheath Cricket Club and a range of schools in the Guildford and Cranleigh area and have lots of experience coaching very young children as well as older kids.  Most clubs and schools don't offer coaching until children reach 5 years old, but the Matchfit Minis program works even with 3 year olds.

The program uses special foam balls and lots of fun games of different kinds to keep the kids 100% engaged.  They love it!

To book or try a free taster, just visit our bookings page.