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Hosting a Matchfit Camp at your club could be the perfect solution for a club looking to expand their junior section and make more money.

Why Choose Matchfit Cricket Camps?

Our camps are run at your venue, with qualified coaches leading age-appropriate drills and games for different groups.

We take the hassle out of organizing by providing a fully customized web page for your club's camp, detailing all activities and handling ticket sales seamlessly. Simply link it to your club's website and let us handle the rest.


Plus, we welcome DBS-checked club members or parents to participate in coaching, gaining valuable coaching experience under our guidance.


And here's the best part: your club receives 10% of the event's revenue.

To get in touch click here.


Need extra help coaching your junior section?

Our professional coaches may able to run sessions for you at your club

Get in Touch

If you'd like more information about our club cricket camp package or about our coaching services at your club, then please use the contact form here or via email.

Thanks for contacting us. We aim to reply within 5 working days.

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