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Multi-Sport Camps

From football to laser tag, hockey to dogeball, our multi-sport camps, run by Ronny and Danny Harrison are great fun for children aged 5 - 12.


Here are just some of the sports we offer at our multi-sport camps.

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Laser Tag

At Matchfit Academy's multi-sport camps, children aged U6-U13 are in for an exhilarating experience as they explore a diverse range of sports. From perfecting their cricket swings to showcasing their football skills, the camp offers an engaging platform for young athletes to discover and enjoy various activities. Dodgeball adds an element of strategy and agility, while hockey introduces the thrill of fast-paced teamwork. Touch rugby encourages cooperation and speed on the field, and tennis provides an opportunity for precision and finesse. As a bonus, participants get to experience the excitement of laser tag, adding a unique and thrilling dimension to the overall camp experience. With a well-rounded selection of sports, Matchfit Academy ensures that children not only have a blast but also develop valuable physical and social skills.



With such a wide age range at our camps we split the age groups in half. Each group does something different each day.

This day plan is an example of what the U6 - U10s could be doing on one of the days.

Meanwhile this is an example of what the

U11 - U13s could be doing on the same day.

Multi-sport camps

Upcoming Camps

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